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  • “Another Love Story”

    “What are your plans for the weekend?” Doc asked without sounding excited. It was that kind of a morning. Sia was in no mood for small talk. He could see it in her eyes behind the big black frames that she refused to change. “Umm, I am not sure yet. But I might be meeting […]

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  • “Letting go…”

    Stifling muggy summer night was no problem, it was the task she was expected to accomplish that was draining her. Summer was Amaya’s season; it was the chill of the dead winters that bothered her existence. Amaya grew up listening to the stories from her mother about the childhood home she grew up in. The […]

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  • “back-and-forth”

    10 years of my life gone. Stirring the pot of hot chicken soup I thought back if I had really achieved anything or just matured? Pandemic of 2020 had stirred up the dormant dreams. I was overthinking more than the usual. My middle-aged rustic heart continued beating rhythmically with my deep long breaths. Well, there […]

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  • “Party of 16”

    The evening that was supposed to be about celebration quickly turned into an evening of screams, blames, and insults. Yet when I think about it now, all I feel is gratitude for those 16 guests. It was Mom’s 50th birthday. And like always, she wanted no celebration, not even a cake. All she asked was […]

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  • “Love Story”

    ‘My shoes look so tacky. And how am I walking. It almost looks like I am skipping. Aaarrghhh, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I be like the other girls? Why am I always so nervous around people?’ Like any other moment of the day, I was lost in my own thoughts and imaginary […]

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  • “Black Coffee”

    “So now you drink black coffee?” the boy asked smiling almost jokingly. “Yes, without sugar.” The girl replied confidently. “Why? I mean, what happened?” “I finally decided to embrace my dark and bitter side.” the girl replied with a proud smile. The boy and the girl were meeting after a decade, yet nothing had changed. […]

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  • “The Picnic”

    “I am so happy we are doing this today.” Nitya was talking to the kiddies using her calming voice to keep them from getting over-excited. She still had some packing to finish before they could start the day. It was a cloudy day with sun playing hide and seek. Nitya was trying her best to […]

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  • Sweatshirt

    It was the sound of something being dragged that woke her up. The garden looked like a winter wonderland from the window. It was her favorite part of the morning. Waking up to the beautiful view of the bedroom window. She moved her hand around on the bed looking for the sweatshirt and realized he […]

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