All of them together! Lord, there goes my whole days’ worth of entertainment in one hour. I wish I could tell them to just spread out their visits. I mean how difficult is it to plan a day. But then again, I could wish for a different life. One without this dreadful car accident. It is no consolation that I was not even speeding. I was one hell of a driver. Safe sturdy and reliable. I sound like a ladder. Sigh! Clearly, there is a lot I could have wished for. But in this moment right now I wish they had planned the day better.


Wait, what? What is the date today? Damn you, coma. Which one of you? Come on complete the sentence. Happy birthday, …..!

A big wet kiss lands on Seher’s cheek.

Oh, its me!

Thanks guys! This is very sweet.

I wonder if they got my favorite cake?

Aaaahhhh, I can smell the chocolate. Great job you guys! I am truly touched. Thank you for the yummy cake.

Oh, gifts!

What did you all get me this time? New bedsheets? Scarf? Hair Accessories? Oh, come on, don’t keep it a surprise. Just show it to me. I mean say it. At the risk of sounding an underachiever, I still cannot open my eyes.  

Oohh, that is soft, what is it? A pashmina? I did’nt even know we could afford one these days. Who wrapped that around me? Seriously guys, it is about time you say your names out loud. Remember eyes still shut.

“I wish you would wake up today, mom! I so want to talk to you.”

I know sweetheart! It is never easy after a breakup. Stay strong and eat lots of ice cream. And then after a week, start exercising or go play tennis. You always loved playing tennis. What about the farm? Do you still work their part time? I remember horses always made you smile. Oh, my sweetheart, I wish I could kiss you. Then again, I wish you never had to experience a heart break.

Seher’s thoughts are interrupted by another wet one on the left cheek.

Oh, that is a slurpy kiss. Must be the little one. How are you, my darling? Hope you and Avni are still going steady? Please, be there for your sister. She needs you to be annoying and clingy right now. Someone left her for someone else. She deserves to know she is loved and wanted by the people who truly care for her. Be there for her. Even if she picks a fight. You know that is her defense mechanism.

“Don’t worry, Akira is staying with us for a few days. We made her move. Avni is having a blast with her. They both gang up against me all the time. Until I start baking. Also, ma I opened the bakery I was telling you about last year. It just started so can’t tell if it is a success yet.

Oh my sweet sweet girl! I am so proud of you. I wish I could hold you and hug you tight. You are so grown up my littlest angel. I hope you know how proud I am.

“Yeah, yeah, I know you are proud of me. Love you ma.”

Am I crying? Can she see my happy tears? Fuck! This coma sucks!

I cannot believe I said fuck with all of them present here. Perks of being in a coma.

“Hey sexy! I miss you. Happy Birthday! I wish you would get up already. Kids are doing good. You did a great job raising them. All four of them are magnificent. Spectacular beings.”

WE. We did a great job, Doc.

“Please wake up!” A gentle one this time, on the lips.

Aaahhh, A lipper from the Hotty! Iove you too my love.

Where is the eldest one? She isn’t here yet? How come you all are here and she is not? What happened? Where is she?

“I am right here ma. Right next to you. Happy Birthday ma! I am pregnant.” She whispers.


When did you get married?

Aaarrgghhh, why am I even bothering to ask her? She will do what she wants to. Congratulations darling! I am going to be a grandma!

“Well, just so you know, Dev and I got back together. We are engaged. Don’t worry, baby will come after we get married. Nothing big. Will go to the city hall next month. Then will have a big party when you come home. I love you mom!”

I love you too my sweets! I cannot believe I am going to be a grandma.

Where is your brother? What did he get me? There better be a decent gift for me this year. Where is he?

“Hey ma. Can you smell that?”

Oh, good lord! That better not be a fart, Karan.

“What you are smelling is my first ever published book.” A loud cheer warms up the room with everyone rushing to congratulate Karan. “I have been waiting to tell everyone. But thought you might actually like this gift on your birthday.

Ok, they have to see my tears. I am crying. Can they see how happy I am? How happy I am in this moment with all of them right here next to me.

Oh my good lord! You all look so old. I am so happy to see you my babies. Thank you for being there for each other. Thank you for taking care of your dad. I love you all so much.


FUCK YOU, coma!

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