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  • “Born a girl”

    Born a girl, I know I am Honed to be a fighter My skills might be basic It is my discipline that matches none. Born a girl, I know who I am Work harder, expect less Dreams belong in stories You follow what is written. Born a girl, I now know who I am, Different […]

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  • “The Moment”

    Part I The moment Overwhelming stillness Deep breaths Heart beating louder & faster Sweat dripping down the trembling legs Voice lost inside Swallowed by the butterflies At that moment when we meet Hope you know That I love you! Part II That moment Sliced open just enough Numb to every pain or sensation Warm tears […]

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  • “Read”

    Read, and read some more Prepare the words tangled with emotions Punctuations are important But creativity cannot be confined Listen to the beats of your core Read and read a little more. Practice and rewrite But never let out the reality you live in Imagine the reality you wished you had written Created from the […]

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  • “What is love?”

    “What is love, mom?” I hug you tight planting a kiss On your sweaty little head, “you are love, my sweetheart!” “Define love.” You change your words Challenging me to evolve. And so, I do. When sitting together is a moment you look forward to. When you already know each other’s dance moves to songs […]

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