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  • “Hues”

    Shut too long Closed to voices and pleads Shadows pass by Leaving noises behind I hold my might Locked inside Hiding under a disguise. Breathing in the air Hues of pink and yellow I watch the world go by Creating a new me, wrapped in shades of old and new I find my true pride.

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  • “Toxic Reader”

    I am a reader. Perpetually confused about whether to read more or write. Luckily, both work in favor of my mental health. I can read over 30 books a year which I understand is not a big number, but it is good for me.  I usually start a book and then quickly start to calculate […]

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  • “Gift”

    Today’s writing prompt was the word, “gift”. And since my older one put me to shame by coming up with a poem on the same in less than 10 mins, I decided to give it a try as well. What does the word, ‘gift’ mean to you? What form can it be? What is more […]

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Beauty & Pain captured in pictures forever. Every picture has a story to tell! What’s yours?

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Long walks, Conversations, Rains, Books & Coffee…I don’t ask for much!

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