“Bring me Flowers”

This one is truly my most favorite poem. My dad moved on to the next realm, leaving us behind on planet earth almost 10 years ago. Just 2 days short of my birthday. It is still difficult to get through days without hearing his voice, he was my best friend. And so I hope to leave pieces of me (in the form of my writings) behind for my daughters for when I am gone. Now only if I can be half an amazing parent as he was to me. So reposting this one tonight, because …….I miss him!

Black Coffee and Grey Stories

I will be gone

But I am available if you want

I will be turned into ashes

For I don’t long for any more space in this world

So, let me go, but with a Smile.

For I have lived and survived.

And no longer need your attention

But do want some flowers……

You might not know, Hydrangeas are my favorite

I don’t mind Chrysanthemums too

For here you have a choice to make!

I can’t remember when I was gifted flowers

I don’t like asking for them

I never asked or did I ask but never got

But today I will make the exception

Hydrangeas or Chrysanthemums

Even Carnations, they remind me where I started from.

Bring them with you when you see me off!

I wont ask again, I promise.

Just this one time…..

I know it is hard to look beyond right now,

But trust me my…

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