“Bring me Flowers”

I will be gone

But I am available if you want

I will be turned into ashes

For I don’t long for any more space in this world

So, let me go, but with a Smile.

For I have lived and survived.  

And no longer need your attention

But do want some flowers……

You might not know, Hydrangeas are my favorite

I don’t mind Chrysanthemums too

For here you have a choice to make!

I can’t remember when I was gifted flowers

I don’t like asking for them

I never asked or did I ask but never got

But today I will make the exception

Hydrangeas or Chrysanthemums

Even Carnations, they remind me where I started from.

Bring them with you when you see me off!

I wont ask again, I promise.

Just this one time…..

I know it is hard to look beyond right now,

But trust me my darlings, it will get better.

You will accept that it was my time to rest.

I am gone because I was done

I learnt lessons through rejections

I cried when I was let go

I stayed when No one else did

I tried harder, even when every bone inside me crumbled under the pressure

But now I am done

I am finally free!

No don’t be sad, for this is life

A circle that will never break.

But oh, my sweet daughters

Break every other circle that binds you down

Allow yourself to make mistakes

Because that is the only way to become the person you were always meant to be

For there is no other achievement bigger than

Accepting & being who you want to be

Just don’t forget my hydrangeas

They are a cluster of memories I have made

Hoping you will keep me alive in your garden of flowers

My last task before I am physically gone….

To give you the garden that makes you smile

So now you know where to put my ashes

I will always be there to welcome you back home.

For now I am done

But you know I am available if you want.

One response to ““Bring me Flowers””

  1. Reblogged this on Black Coffee and Grey Stories and commented:

    This one is truly my most favorite poem. My dad moved on to the next realm, leaving us behind on planet earth almost 10 years ago. Just 2 days short of my birthday. It is still difficult to get through days without hearing his voice, he was my best friend. And so I hope to leave pieces of me (in the form of my writings) behind for my daughters for when I am gone. Now only if I can be half an amazing parent as he was to me. So reposting this one tonight, because …….I miss him!


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