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  • Once upon a night…

    “Don’t you remember?” Meera sounded annoyingly confident to Sia’s ears turning them redder than they already were. “I do. It is you who is clouding my memory with your words.” The stuffy room made Sia’s eyes water, as she claimed. “My words? I am trying to tell you exactly how it all unfolded. On that […]

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  • ‘Read-aloud”

    “Stop it, Sia. You are talking too loudly.” The stuffy room hissed with the humidifier huffing and puffing. “Well, it is called read-aloud for a reason. In case you were not clear.” Kavya reached for the teacup perched on the nightstand. The bedroom they still shared as young teenagers living separate lives conjoined at the […]

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  • “One more love story”

    This is a story of a girl. Wait don’t leave just yet. It is not a boring one. I promise it will be different. With a little suspense and darkness. A flash fiction like always, so I will not take too much of your time. All I want are 5 minutes of your precious life. […]

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  • “Heart-shaped Box”

    “Confectionary is the art of making confections, which are food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates,” Maya explained in a delighted voice. The soft breeze of February afternoon felt good on her face. For the first time in a while, she could see the beauty in a sunny afternoon. The little hand in […]

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  • “Inside out”

    “We will not make it.” “I know we can. Focus on moving forward. Don’t look down. Like you always have on so many humans. We cannot go back either. We are literally stuck in the middle.” “Stop lecturing me. I am shitting my pants, I swear. I just peed a little. This was the last […]

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  • “Morning Coffee”

    I woke up feeling refreshed and alive. Something I hadn’t experienced in a long time. Especially after losing Sunaina. My very strict father only liked her, my best friend since I was 5 years old. It is so strange to think how a grown adult person can dislike a child of only 5 years. But […]

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  • “Dear Diary”

    Dear Diary, Today has been a fight. A tough one. A day I haven’t had in almost a week. Therapy is helping, I guess. But today, I had it. I just want to get in my bed and sleep. I wish I do not wake up tomorrow. Like maybe there is no tomorrow. Tonight, is […]

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  • “Karma”

    After the long tiring day, all I wanted was to sleep in my cozy bed, but the rain was too loud. Piercing into my ears. With thunder intruding between me and the steady falling of water from the gray clouds. I have always loved rainfall. We were meant to be friends. For as long as […]

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  • “The dancing plastic bag”

    The wind blew away the papers from my hands. My grip was not tight enough. I stood still watching them fly to the rhythm of the wind gushing and blowing them far. They are important documents but not worth missing this moment for. If you are anywhere close to my age, then you might understand […]

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  • “White Roses”

    “They are all here. Why are you still in those clothes?” Smita’s disapproving eyes stared at Avni from head to toe preparing for a nastier comment. “You look worse than a homeless person. Do you really dress like that every day?” “It is a mystery how your marriage has survived 25 years.” The one-sided conversation […]

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