This is weird. My fingers spread out look like a frog’s, I need a manicure. My nails look so ugly. This time I am going for a French manicure, nothing fancy. Basic and classy. Ewww! Is that a strand of hair. Yuck! Definitely not mine. Why don’t people tie their hair like normal people? I cannot stand stupidity. Mine are red. For now, at least. I need to go see Carlos; he is the best. I love going to his salon. Some people are just so fun. Like me.  Damn this strap is digging into my shoulders. I need a new sports bra. Will try ‘Athleta’ this time. It is a bit expensive but the material is so soft and hopefully will last longer. Unlike these ones, I am wearing right now. No way, is that an ant? It looks like one.

Breathe in and a long breath out.

What if it bites me? Will it be itchy or painful? Hmm…I think painful. It isn’t a mosquito, after all.

How long are 45 seconds? I wonder if he called back. My phone is on silent mode. I mean, it was a decent date. He wasn’t really interesting. Nor was he funny. But I wonder if he will ask me out again. Crap, I forgot to call back mom. She wanted the recipe of the butter chicken I made for her last time. I better call her after this. Wait, what is the date today? 7th. I need to pick tampons. I hate tampons so bad for the environment. Maybe I can try the menstrual cup this time. Will add it to the list. Oh, and dish soap, toilet bowl cleaner, scrubber for the dishes, hand soap. Bless you! I hope it is not covid. I cannot afford to not go to work.

And now slowly come into the cobra pose. Breathe in and out. And let’s stay in this aasna for another 45 seconds. And remember to keep breathing.

Oh yeah, need fabric softener as well. I miss dad! Yikes, the ant is back with a buddy. Aww! I wonder if they are a couple.

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