“I think I am going to die today.”

“I am hungry. Are there any leftovers?”

“I really think I am going to die, today. I can feel my insides coiling up into knots.”

“He said, we lack chemistry. Also, I don’t talk enough about my feelings.”

“Did you do groceries this week? It was your turn.”

“I feel empty. Like someone scooped me out. I am an empty carton of ice cream.”

“Oooh, ice cream. I want chocolate brownie from Deborah Ann’s. Do we have any?”

“I have been scooped out all that I was, and then he left the dirty scooper inside me. I mean, how irresponsible is that? Leaving dirty dishes in the carton. And now, I will be thrown into the pile of a recycle. Because there is no use for an empty ice cream carton. I will be of no use to anyone. Not even to myself.”

“This is weird I cannot find the ice cream scoop.”

“There, found it. That’s a relief.”

“The breeze that once felt like a soft pillow I could rest my head on is slapping the dreams out of me. It is just cold icy wind out there.”

“That is a good idea. We should have soup tonight for dinner. Do we have any leftover chicken?”

“I am a leftover that no one wants. I am like that leftover hidden behind all the new fancy dishes. And now I have a fungus of despair and agony growing all over me. I will soon start to stink. You will have to throw the whole container out, because this stink isn’t coming out, ever.”

“Here, your black coffee with vanilla.”

“Even coffee cannot fill me up. My emptiness has no end. All you hear is your echo, my hollowness has no end.”

“We should take a trip to New Mexico to the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. We can pretend to be a Dracula in a cave. It will be epic. When do you have an off from work next?”

“Hmmmm……this coffee is good. You are getting better at this. I am off the first week of April, you want to plan something then?”

“Yes, let me look up flights. We can ask Tanya and Blake to join us from California. I’ll text them. What is the time there?”

“It is 9 am. This coffee is so good.”

“We just need to pick some celery for the soup tonight, there is leftover chicken broth in the freezer.”

“So, Blake just texted back. They are in for the trip.”

“That sounds good. I feel good.”

“No more feeling empty?”

“That emptiness has numbed me.”

“I love you sis. You are very much wanted. Whoever says, you don’t talk much, does not deserve you. Because they don’t know you at all in that case. Also, empty ice cream carton can be upscaled into a pot to grow seedlings. And for god sake, go take a shower you stink.”

“I love you, Mimi. What would I do without you?”

“Stay an empty carton.”


The end!

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