Category: Poem

  • “Acquiesce”

    That night the door slammed shut the loudest Shaking the house that was once a home And we both knew that none of us Were ever going to be the same. Holding on to the last whit of affection Pride and comfort snatched forever Pieces of broken hearts scattered on the floor On which I […]

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  • “Not Today”

    Today I have no story, no poem to share. Today I will not concoct a story out of my mundane life Today feels wrong to lie Today I want to show my real self, the lost one. Today feels all wrong There is something missing, but I cannot point it out It will be wrong […]

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  • “Tree”

    Have you ever seen a fallen tree? No, you must have, it is too massive to be ignored But have you really Seen it? Bruised and naked lying on the ground that once was its home Roots spread out like a giant Octopus With its insides exposed, for the world to judge Uprooted at its […]

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  • “Rain Dance”

    The soft raindrops fall making music The ones that makes us dance And I wonder “how did we get here?” Was this always going to be this way? No, today I won’t question but only dance Rain might stop soon! Though, I do have a thought that never leaves me Was it you, who manifested […]

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  • “Bring me Flowers”

    I will be gone But I am available if you want I will be turned into ashes For I don’t long for any more space in this world So, let me go, but with a Smile. For I have lived and survived.   And no longer need your attention But do want some flowers…… You […]

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