Fenced in.

Closed doors.

Windows left open.

Gentle breeze.

Morning coffee.

Evening tea.




And Happy.


Fences, big and small.

Feet too big.

Thumping and Walking.

Breaking shackles.

Challenging traditions.

Creating new trails.

For tomorrow.


Safe fences.

Blooming flowers.

Muddled speeches.

Birds chirping.

Engulfing winds


In Solitary world.

Growth follows.

2 responses to ““Fences””

  1. Your words remind us that sometimes the most profound growth can come from being alone with ourselves, and that true freedom comes from breaking down the fences that keep us from exploring the vastness of the world around us. May we all find the courage to challenge convention and to embrace the unknown, as we journey through this beautiful thing called life.


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