I am the outline of the girl I once was. The girl with a vivid imagination. The girl who loved with all her might. The girl who tried and gave up. The girl who believed and kept going. The outline that no one saw beyond. There was nothing there, they claimed loudly. I am the outline of the girl that emptied herself to fill broken hearts. The girl who had dreams, wild and weird. The girl who was loved out of convenience, learnt to give without complaints. The yearning in her eyes was never acknowledged, for she was lucky, she was told to be grateful. Cracked and tampered with because stubborn girls should be broken. I am the outline of the girl that once existed.

I am the outline of the woman I aspire to be. The woman who fights for herself because she understands her worth now. This woman has lost battles, drained her blood on the ground that never reaps anything green. The woman who tried each day to fill the cracks too deep left behind by those who didn’t stay. I am the outline of the woman who believes in herself, once again. The woman who loves her real random self. There is more to her than just survival. For the woman still holds few girly dreams to close. The yearning has fueled new desires. There will be a day when you will witness beyond these lines. For it isn’t the outlines that define me, I am a concoction of all that has been and will be one day.

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