Every time I write, I wonder what is the point of it all? If this is my journey then why do I need to write it down on a public platform for others to comment or like? It is my life, why am I turning it all into a blog? But then something happens. A sign, as I like to call it. And I remember why I started writing in the first place. Writing is my escape. It helps me understand myself, my surroundings and my people better and more clearly. Today, I am fine the way I am. In fact I love myself. I love how much I have grown. I love who I am turning into. I love my growth. So, below are a few lines accepting myself for who I am and letting everything else go.

Hidden from all

In the cocoon of


I found a new me

In loneliness and exhaustion.

Numb with no purpose

I thought I was

Not-knowing it was a path

I was meant to walk

Proud but humble

I stand tall today

hopeful for tomorrow

Stormy or Sunny

I will walk through it all.

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  1. I had a thought a few years ago… as writers, or poets, do we find the words or do they find us?


      • You’re very welcome! I don’t have a blog. I’ve tried several times but I just couldn’t handle it. I’m kind of a mess 🤦‍♂️

        However I can share some here if you want.


      • She howls at her moon every night
        Softly covered by it’s light
        Waiting patiently to hear a reply
        Until then, she stares deep into the sky
        And sometimes the sky weeps for her
        Streaks of falling stars
        But nothing will deter
        Her will to love
        Nor sever them apart

        One of my best and favorites.


      • Thank you! I know how much support helps in writing. I didn’t feel like I got much of it. It can be discouraging. I encourage you to keep writing too!


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