“Won’t back down”

I am here

Not where I aspire to be

But I am here, right now

Crawling out of dark numbness

Carving paths with my bare hands

Breaking the confines of my comfort zone

No more submission

No more desperate pleads

I believe, so I try

Each day, every moment

A choice made

With calm discipline.

I will fall

I will hurt

But I won’t back down

Like a cool breeze in summer peak

Like music to lonely soul

An old feeling has sneaked up again.

I won’t stop anymore,

Even if you do!

A tiny inspiration from the song, “won’t back down” by Tom Petty. It was featured in Grey’s Anatomy and that is how it got added to my list of favorite songs. With every song an old memory creeps up, therefore to find something new (even when it is an old song) that speaks to your heart, is definitely worth writing about. I hope my list keeps growing and I never back down from the path I have taken.

happy reading!

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