Happy Reading # 8

A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham

A thriller about a serial killer. Story narrated from the point of view of the killer’s daughter. A page turner with twists and surprises that keep you gripped to the book. Not once it feels like the plot diverted to a random moment that wasn’t required. In fact every part of the story makes sense and leads to the final truth. I don’t want to give away anything about the plot so I will focus on the writing style. The writer uses the word ‘Flick’ so smoothly. I loved how the word ‘flicker’ would be used in a sentence gently reminding the reader, who really is in control. The writing is focused, crisp and fast paced. I could not stop reading.

Another very interesting thing about this one was how till the last 30 pages too, the story was moving forward. I have read enough thrillers to get annoyed in the last 50 pages when everything has been revealed and the author is closing the book but too slowly. This one does not stop entertaining even till the last page.

There was just one thing I wish wasn’t such a cliché. The lead female character abusing liquor and drugs. I wish more thrillers are written where the female protagonist is not drowning her rejected and scarred childhood in liquor. I mean humans have enough lingering emotional imbalances without the involvement of alcohol and prescription drugs. I don’t need to read about alcohol abuse to cope with the traumas. This is just my opinion.

In all a definite 4.5 stars for me.

Happy Reading!

Warm afternoons

Bare feet with you

Drenched in laughter

Memories wrestling with reality

You searching for alligators

Me watching out for crocodiles

Arms stretched standing on the porch

I run faster towards him

No competition there

Tap tap Tap

Searching for a flicker

A hint of love telling myself

That world was real too

With all four of us!  

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