“The visitor”

Lurking in brightness

Sniffing through my beloved possessions

You sneered at me

Staring into my eyes

Challenging me to make the move

So, I showed you

My strength standing tall

My voice kept it loud

But to you I was nothing

A mere passing shadow

Ignorable and dull

Wandering the paths I have watered and nurtured

You turned around one more time

Glared once more turning around

Because you don’t scare easy

Walking away leaving me jittery.

A short visit by a raccoon during the daytime has clearly left me wondering about the whole nocturnal angle. So, while posting tonight, all I could think of was the long stare it gave me before walking past the deck. I mean that was insanely scary. It left me worried to the extent that I went out to pick up my girls at the bus stop first time in months holding a broom in my hand (to be used as a weapon in case the scary one came back to give me another stare).

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