“Moody Raindrops”

Loud and thoughtless, rain thrashes

Making an entrance

No songs will be sung

Or Dances danced

Rain is in a mood tonight.

Why must it always be responsible for you?

To extinguish the fires, you set

To quench the thirst of parched grass

To nurture infant buds

Blossoming into colors of May

To create puddles for leaping frogs

Croaking their arrival

Along the jumping tiny humans

Why must rain soothe your aching soul?

To wash away the seasons gone by.

Tonight, the rain will fall

Like it has never

Drowning the walls, you have created.

Flooding the roads leading nowhere.

Misty & persistent, will blur the view.

Relentless & gray, with no promises for tomorrow.

Tonight rain is in no mood to quench your thirst

Sharp vertical spikes will destroy it all.

Drowning its pain in destruction.

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