‘Mommy & Coffee sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

My daughters think I am truly in love with coffee. And that coffee is my one true love. So today, I decided to prove my love for coffee by breaking my nightly routine of drinking chamomile tea and instead have a big cup of coffee. Which made me think of a few reminders I have been repeating to myself for the past couple of weeks. Thought will make it my blog post for today. So here we go::

10 small reminders for today

  1. Read before you close those tired eyes, for your mind needs a rest too.
  2. Coffee will never disappoint you, drink it whenever you want. Stop Overthinking.
  3. Go for that yoga class, the long walk, take that power nap. Do what brings you happiness. Kids are always watching; they will imitate the love you give yourself.
  4. Write responsibly, you never know, there might be an emotional reader like yourself reading your words right now.
  5. Forgive yourself. You know more now than you did back then.
  6. Love or don’t love. You have a choice. But try anyway, life is prettier when there is love.
  7. Buy those pants, the shoes, the bag, those books. Pandemic scraped 3 years of our life already. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Spend but make money too.
  8. Let go of the fear of failure. We are all failures in some way or another. The only difference is while some let it destroy them, the others use them as fuel. Fuel to try again and again.
  9. Go out, meet people, interact with like-minded humans. Find your own tribe. And once you do, fight like hell to keep them close and safe.
  10. And when life hurts, because it always does. Let it happen. Let it flow through like a summer breeze. And then get up, for there is always a tomorrow, to start all over again. But when you cannot see through the darkness, turn up the music and just dance it out.

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