“My voice”

“Make yourself heard. Whatever you do. Just find your voice and when you do, fill the damn silence.”

Yes, it is a quote from the very beloved TV series, Grey’s Anatomy. After years of rewatching this show in a loop, I have found this particular quote most relatable. It is something I can never stop reminding myself or my daughters. “You have a voice, use it.” I must have said that to my girls hundreds of times already. Like many parents, I am too constantly reading up articles on parenting to get better. To be able to handle a situation better than I did the last time. But strangely I pick parenting ideas from TV shows and books.

We live in a world where we have so much information available to us all the time that it gets difficult to pick what is the right thing to do or say as a parent, a sister, a friend. Whether to ignore certain behavior in your 8-year-old kid hoping they will learn when the time is right or Give them a time-out right away. Whether to push your siblings out of their shell gently or sternly? Whether to agree with a friend or not? It helps to see ideas tried and tested unfold in the form of TV shows. What that character could have done? What she should say right now? Why does she need to be quiet at this moment? Or I wish she had chosen the other path? It is crazy how my brain relates to almost anything and everything. I can find life lessons worth writing down in TV shows.

I live with anxiety and depression. And so it is no surprise that I need to create noise around myself to calm the anxious mind all the time. Anytime I am alone doing chores, Greys Anatomy or Schitt’s Creek is running on Netflix in the background. And just to clarify, not all my life lessons come from TV shows. Some I pick from the books I read. Anyway, as I was saying, while I scrub the toilets, Meredith is literally saving lives in an OR right next to me on the IPad. Yes, I am that weird. And only time will tell if I did an ‘ok’ job as a human being taking up space on this beautiful planet. Fingers crossed.

My voice, loud or silent, both will shake your soul

My opinion, wrong still right.

My decision, because it is my body.

My strength, however, I use it.

My words, either listen or leave

That is the choice you get.

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