“Inspire a thought”

Tonight there is no moon,

Only grey clouds, bringing in the storm

Nothing we haven’t seen before

I snuggle in your arms

Taking you all in

For this too shall pass.

Writing is my escape, my freedom, my passion. I am not a trained writer. I don’t have an education in writing, which I am sure is clear by the posts. But still, I write. It is that one thing that gives me pure joy. The emotions I experience each time I post on the blog are indescribable. Living with anxiety, procrastination, and self-doubt were my biggest hurdles. But slowly, with a lot of encouragement and practice, I am finally writing every day to get better. And somewhere like many other writers I too nurture a dream to publish my work someday. There are things I am working on, which are in too early stages to be spoken about. But I do have that dream. Even though it sounds foolish and immature, I still imagine when I see my work turned into a book. Isn’t that what dreams are? Daring and unreal. Yet we dream, persistently.

And then this happened. While doing yoga one day, I found myself thinking of the poem my older one wrote a few months ago. It was a sweet little poem on Mango, one of her favorite fruits. When I complimented her work, she proudly, declared, that she will grow up to be a writer, just like me. I felt proud of her confidence and her creativity, along with a bit of embarrassment. This 7-year-old kid had not only noticed my hard work and practice but she had also been inspired by my efforts. My simple routine of 15 mins of writing every day and posting twice a week has already gained me the title of a ‘Writer’. Right then, in the middle of the downward-facing dog and cobra pose, I realized the purpose of my writing. To inspire my daughters to recognize their dreams, whatever they might be. And then work hard each day to make them come true.

I have read enough articles and blogs, to realize how tough it is to be successful as a writer. But if my writing can inspire my kids then I guess I am a successful writer already. Now all I need to do is, keep working to maintain the inspiration.

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