“In need of coffee”

Writer’s block & I have a twisted relationship. Somedays I take her as a challenge I am ready for. Other days I want to hide behind a book, pretending to accomplish some unimportant reading challenge. Honestly, I read for fun and to calm my anxious mind.  I just love reading. And when I am reading it is easier to avoid anything. Exercise, socializing, completing tasks, and of course writing. I can easily convince my brain to avoid everyone and everything whenever I pick a book.

At times, it helps break the cycle of irregular writing. Reading as much as is my escape it inspires me to write more as well. And as I am totally blocked today, I thought of writing about the two extremely different books I am reading these days.

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie and Apples Never Fall Liane Moriarty. Different worlds and styles and only one of the two are worth reading. This is my opinion and no I don’t expect anyone to take it seriously. So kindly, read whatever you want and form your own opinions. I am only sharing my thoughts.

I read Midnight’s Children when I am tired and want to sleep early, it works like a reliable sleeping pill. Slow, unapologetically lengthy with each chapter leaving me closer to screaming at myself for spending $16 on it. I am going through it because of my own tough rules, ‘never leave a book halfway.’ Every book I pick must be read out of respect. So, I know I will finish it someday definitely not in the next 2 months.

Apples never fall. What can I say about this one? Thanks to the beautiful cover, I have been snacking on apples and almond butter. Also, I love Joy (the very main character). I see myself in that one. Her quirky, loving, and over-enthusiasm is worth the appreciation. The most relatable one. The plot is intriguing and so far, is moving at a good pace. Each character is allotted its share of words and therefore, wonderful characterization. I am only 140 pages in, yet I almost like everyone in the story so far. It is hard not to get involved when the book is written so well. Oh, and I love how the author has added little conversations (very important) about domestic violence, consent, mental health.  

As much as ‘Midnights’ children’ is making me angry about the patriarchal society I grew up in; ‘Apples never fall’ is making me hopeful of the future. The future where my daughters will get to read books by authors who write responsibly. I am not yet done with these two, my opinion might change in the future. Now, all I want to do is drink black coffee and read some more.

So, fellow readers, make good choices unlike me and pick books that inspire you to read. Don’t just pick something because it supposedly is ‘great literature’.

Happy reading!

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