Happy Reading # 5

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

An extremely interesting read. This one had been on my list for quite some time now. So when a friend gifted it to me for my birthday, I immediately got to it.

The story is about a woman who is going through a life-changing crisis and is at a crossroads. She is lost and rethinking every decision of her life. But how one random and spontaneous decision takes her exactly where she truly belongs. And she soon realizes how easy it actually is as long as she allows herself to be authentic. And not someone everyone around her expects to be. Then there is another era the author takes us, weaving a world, well exactly like our modern world, but just without technology. Society is still deeply divided between right and wrong ways of living, only for women. Men, on the other hand, are free to live by their decisions without consequences. And so the hidden apothecary carries out some justice in a cruel way against men, only.

The story moves smoothly between the two worlds. The chapters are interlinked seamlessly. There was never a dull moment. Each chapter ended with an eagerness to switch to a different era which further unfolded the plot wondrously. The writing is addictive because that is how much I got involved in the lives of Caroline, Nella, and Eliza. The three generations of women trying their best to figure out where is it that they truly belong and how will they get there. There were moments when I was waiting for the switch to happen. Even the writing, the language, the setting it was just enough to get the reader involved in the two worlds.

“How had I only just learned that happiness and fulfillment were entirely distinct things?”

This one will always stay with me. A happy life does not necessarily mean a fulfilled one. While making, it a happy world we give up on ourselves because that is the easiest to do. I especially feel very strongly about changing the course of your life. How so often do we make ourselves or others feel bad about changing decisions too often? We are a judgmental society where anyone who takes a different route towards their personal growth is looked upon as the one who will suffer later. Or anything that comes easily is wrong for you. Like we are expected to follow the tough path because that is the only way to grow in life. To become the authentic you. How wrong we can be! I too have been a victim of this thought process for a long time. But I am proud of myself for changing my path. I want certain things in life and I will do my best to achieve them in this lifetime. Whether it is right or wrong, time will tell. But I can no longer diminish myself or my personality to fit into the world I taught was best for me. I am growing and the world around me has the freedom to catch up or not.

“If you want something different, the only person holding you back is you. What is it you love to do?”

Another excerpt from the book, that I will be repeating to myself from now on.

In all, I give this wonderful book a 4.5 stars. Happy Reading!

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