“Voice Cancellation”

No one is there

No one was there

No one here to wake you up from the dreams

No one to show the way to accomplish all you want

No one to help you when you fall on the way

The journey is tedious and exhausting

Failure and loss

Are the recurring companions

No one can hear your screams

Tears over all the missed opportunities

No one notices you gave up 5 times and got back up 6

Tired eyes or worn-out fingers

Bitter resilience is applauded

But depression is overlooked

The failures you hide so well

The growth you are so eager to look away from

No one notices…

For why will anyone?

You never noticed anyone either

Did you?

The pain you feel is felt by many

Silently behind closed doors

Sunk in pillows wet with tears

Behind laughters that silent the screams inside

‘Life of the party’, hiding their broken pieces

No one is coming to help you

So get up now

Make that call

Go for that walk

Speak your truth

Judgement and failure should not be able to stop you anymore

You have gone through enough

Seen enough

Why care

For they don’t know you

Like you do

No one is there

You are your own savior

Time to silent that Voice.

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