It will end the agony

For you left too early too alone

Trusting yourself that I will thrive

I live because that is the rule

After all I am your daughter

You never taught me to ‘quit’

One thing I learnt for sure, other than existing in a world where you don’t anymore,

That the pain lies with the ones left behind

But not just yet

There is still a lot undone, I am sure of it

I am not yet myself completely, to be your worthy

To be able to tell you that I have made my journey

A lonely long tiring one

But when the day comes, I hope you greet me

For the warmth of your hug will protect me once more

The sound of your laughter will make me smile

The stories you left unfinished will finally have an ending

The mistakes unspoken will be apologised for

And then I will be…

Done and ready to rest.

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