“Beach Day”

Today is different

We pack only toys and giggles in our bag

Giving worries some alone time.

As we set out, to embrace the warmth of the evening skies

Tired eyes eager to witness a glorious view

Today feels different

Feet buried in the warm cozy sand

The wounds washed clean by the soothing waves

Soft sun shining, sheltering us

Snuggled together in an old blanket

Sipping tea, because it is our ‘thing’

Leaving the worries behind for another day

Today, we will play

Three of us……

I do wonder, if this is wrong?

To be so relaxed and content in this moment

Feeling bad for ‘Ms. Anxiety’ I left at home

Now she must be feeling lonely and discarded

I can hear her soft whimpers,

But their giggles are louder today

Today is definitely different.

The little one is busy building sand-castles

The older one has sand angels surrounding her

And I take a deep breath listening to their never-ending stories

and then let it all go……

Everything else can wait

Today I am busy playing with my dolls,

As I call them.

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