“Pretend I was there!”

This one is dedicated to the four people who should be able to identify themselves in this poem. The ones I owe my everything. I haven’t been there for them in a long time, but I hope they know they mean the world to me. And that I am always missing and thinking of them.

When the wind blew cold

Mercilessly slicing through the eyes

Standing alone fighting the cruelty of the society

You wrote your name tall with pride,

For tonight let’s pretend I was there, cheering you might!

The loud thud of a broken man

Fallen to the ground

Last breath on one last beat

Holding his head in your arms

As you cried for him to stay alive

Let’s pretend I was there, hugging you tight!

Calling out the bullies

The spineless ones who overlook it all

When you screamed your pain,

Grieving for your best friend

Let’s pretend I was there applauding your strength!

Today is progress, for the truth is out

The hurt inflicted on your innocent soul,

Has no control anymore.

For your wisdom outshines all the prejudices

Let’s pretend I was there when you forgave us all!

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