“A quickie!”

“There isn’t anything left here for us to pack. I am certain the landlord took it all.” The girl threw the torn blanket that belonged to Maria on the blue sneakers that belonged to Tara.

“I am shocked at this behavior. I wonder how many renters he had fooled like this?” The boy searched for his lighter in the drawers flooded with ketchup packets. The rental was surrounded by restaurants always filled with tourists.

“He has owned this property for 5 years; I hope there aren’t too many of us fooled by his shrewd tactics.” The girl made a hopeful face certain there were cameras watching their every move. The creepy landlord would not let go of any kind of humiliation.

“He took all of it.” The final drawer opened with a lighter rolling to the edge. The boy’s face lit up burning his insides with the excitement of a cigarette.

“Crap! what a jerk! My knitted hat. Damn it, it was my favorite one.” The girl threw the blanket and bedsheet around still hopeful.

“What am I to do in winter now?” The boy looked confused at her trying to remember the knit hat. But to his despair, he just could not recall the darn knit hat.

“Knit another one?” He suggested a genius idea.

“Are you for real? When have you ever seen me knit? I stole it from my roommate in college.”


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