“Fill in the Blanks”

As a kid, I always had a love-and-hate relationship with the ‘Fill in the Blanks’ section in test papers. Even though I was always very confident about my answers the bright red marks proved otherwise. And now sitting here at my desk after a long day of work, laughs, tears, anger, anxiety, and pride I again start another exercise of filling in the blanks. The blanks that are just there, created by loss, abandonment, or love wondering how I am going to fill them. So, they make sense. That seems to be my ultimate goal these days. That one day it will all make sense. I just have to keep filling in the hard work, memories, and self-appreciation. And finally, there will be a moment of rationality.  

Life happened

Leaving abrupt spaces.

Blanks for me to fill.

So I add & delete every day.

Hoping that wisdom will squeeze in

Making itself discernible.

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