“A queen is born”

Storytelling is an art. If I could, it would be my dream job, to be a storyteller. Well, it is a talent not many possess yet sometimes you come across a great one that leaves you wondering how,? HOW? That is the question to be asked. How do you think this way? How do you decide the style of storytelling? How do you create moments? How does even the smallest one leave the biggest impact? Yes, today’s post is totally inspired by the finale episode of ‘House of Dragons’. From misspeaking it as house of cards before the first episode aired to totally falling for almost every character in the show. I am a fan of this series. So here are a few lines roughly put together, after I finished watching the season 1 finale.

My words are bloodier than the swords you carry

I step forward hunched by the weight of loss

The blood I poured to protect one who never took a breath

Has been blackened by the death of the one who called me, ‘mother’.

I, a woman, is all you see

Nothing more than a vessel to breed.

To be pawned to one or another as the realm demands.

I am a woman

A grieving mother

An orphaned daughter

A discarded friend

A dragon rider.

Cities will burn

People will be torched

Until their knees are bent

Bent to the Queen Targaryen

Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen.

One response to ““A queen is born””

  1. Writing really is an inclined talent. The ability to come up with a plot, characters and keep the attention of readers is like mathematical to me lol.. and I’m not good at math.


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