“What is love?”

“What is love, mom?”

I hug you tight planting a kiss

On your sweaty little head,

“you are love, my sweetheart!”

“Define love.” You change your words

Challenging me to evolve.

And so, I do.

When sitting together is a moment you look forward to.

When you already know each other’s dance moves to songs never heard before.

When you get excited in their achievements.

When you recognize each other’s mood by the sound of their footsteps.

When encouraging each other is a way of getting through the day.

When their pain hurts you.

When you find your best version in their friendship.

When their smile fills your heart with joy.

When your anxiety loses to their presence.

When you feel content being with them.

And when their hugs are enough to warm your soul.

That my sweetheart, is love!

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