“Diary of a writer”

September 10, 2022

Sweetness of the morning fills my lungs. I wake up believing it will be a normal day. Like any other, where I sing my presence into the rooms left vacant by your goodbyes. Where the aroma of coffee with a hint of cream, brings me pure pleasure. I tiptoe to the door opening it to the desires I weaved in the night. The greys remind me, there is still time, so slow down and cherish the darkness, the sun is just around the corner. My smile is greeted with chirps of birds leaving the nest as I imagine. To get on with the day of gathering twigs and worms soaring high and swooping low. I take in the early hours breathing in the presence of dewy air only to open my eyes to the one staring at me. The beast of the dirt standing tall and loud staring me into submission. It is a creature of the night, and I am the beast of the day burdened with ambition and fervor. Who will accept defeat in the fight of the stares? The ghastly-looking foul-smelling creature? Or the determined woman ready in her armor to embark on the journey this beautiful morning deserves.  The next moment makes it all clear. Both take a step back, letting the egos prevail for the other yet keeping up the stare to prove their might. And within moments the creature is lost in the woods across the concrete path. The determined woman takes the opportunity to put on the final armor of upbeat music attached to her eardrums quieting the chirps and morning glory. Too focused on her own goal to accomplish the task of miles in lesser time today.

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