Part I


Letting go off the day

Lying in your arms

A tremble

A ripple effect up my spine


I let it all take me in

No more heavy traditions weighing me down

No more clasps leaving me bruised and blue

No more hues that never suited my soul


I run faster, always towards you

This time I won’t let the unforgiving path deter me

Just promise, you won’t let go.

Part II

Soaking in exhaustion and pain, I run back to you

Believing in dreams that never faded away.

Bruised and bloody they have stories to tell

So, I write them all for my minions to read.

Torn and rough, walked thousands of miles

Because quitting was never a choice

Scared I step forward, believing

In the journey and the goal.


I feel it everywhere

Even the pains that had numbed over the decades

Only to reopen what never healed..

Part III


Today I sit next to you

Ready to tell you the stories I have lived alone.

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