“I feel great. How about you?”

Flowers Blossom

Breeze flows over me

It was a long night, where sleep was scarce

But I feel great, kissing the foreheads of tiny humans snuggled with me!

Sun shines bright

Clearing out the day for a run or a walk

My hands feel numb from scrubbing the week’s gloom

But I feel great, holding on to the tiny hands giggling over an old joke!

Lunches are ready,

Breakfast is delayed,

Laundry is still wet, wear your sister’s socks,

For there is not a moment to spare,

Ms. Nelli is always on time, with her yellow beast

Pajamas and slippers my hair is always a mess.

But I feel great, waving to the big smiles!

A sneeze, a 15 seconds cough

Shivers down aging limbs

Aching for a long nap,

Driving past home, I reach the store

Filling up the cart with healthy edibles

Not today, no time to fall sick

But I feel great, filling up a bag of red delicious apples!

They need me here

But I need this too

Why bother working, you have it all

Because I know what it is like to have nothing at all

I feel great. How about you!

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