The traditional or most collective understanding of the concept of soulmates or twin souls is that soulmates are the two halves of one soul. Like they are seeking each other throughout their life until they finally are together. Additionally, it implies that every person is incomplete until they unite with their soulmate. So, after reading and watching random videos on this concept, I finally understood (I think so) what soulmates really means.

First, the belief that I am incomplete until I meet that special one is a total farce. Every individual is complete by themselves. And the soulmates do not complete but rather bring out growth in you. Their presence brings out the best version of yourself. Secondly, we seek what we want from ourselves in that soulmate. For instance, I want that one person to love me for my quirky and random attributes. Or accept me with my annoying mood swings. This is what our heart and mind are trying to tell us to give ourselves than look for validation from anyone else. We need to give ourselves what we seek from that soulmate. That is why it feels so strongly or deeply connected when we come across that one person. And often spiritual individuals meet their soulmates quite later in life. Simply because they are so aware of themselves, never complacent, and continuously learning and working on their individual growth. And so that journey keeps getting lengthier.

I have been repeating to myself for years now while meditating and doing yoga, “I forgive myself. I deserve more and better.” But it is only now in this moment I realized how impactful those two sentences truly are. At this moment life feels a tiny bit clearer than it was yesterday. Loving myself has been a long and arduous journey. The one that was deserted, disregarded, and diminished so often. But somehow, right now, sipping coffee and letting the anger pass through feels a little easier and not forced.

I, me and myself

Have a date tonight

To celebrate our journey so far.

We scream a little louder

We dance a bit wilder

We sing a little longer.

Disregarded and torn

Enough said and done, we seek forgiveness tonight!

Tomorrow we will seek love and respect!

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