Chopped and sliced

In colorful variety

Salmon or Tuna

Crispy or Spicy

Writing like a child

For sushi is comforting

An accomplishment wrapped in ginger and soy sauce

Landing in my mouth without a mess

That is a small accomplishment

Need those everyday to get through

One of those days when everything feels wrong. Nothing makes sense. In fact only makes me question all that I know.

But sushi makes it all better. When the day is such. Your emotions are raw and chopped displayed beautifully for viewing. Wrapped with sticky rice just like the societal norms needed for the functioning of a society but they only make you feel bloated in the end. Added with healthy love of avocado, and cucumber for vegetables are important. Just like the loved ones, even if they are the ones who hurt you the most. It all looks pretty and even tastes delicious, I agree. But right now in this moment, I feel more close to ‘the sushi’ than to the person eating it.

Oh, then I am told to remember and believe , “You are given only what you can handle. No more no less.”

Yes, I agree. But who is deciding that for me. Because believe it or not, I am still not done with the past traumas and here life is ready with news ones. Exactly, when is it ok to say I quit! Because in this moment, I feel like I am done doing, caring, trying and making it happen. I want a damn happy sign. I big one. That opens my heart to believe in goodness. It is high time. Come on universe!

It is a sushi kind of a day!

And then , “You are responsible for your own happiness.”

Ok that I agree. No one can, though there are a few, who manage to make me smile every time they show up. They always make me feel like I am worth so much more. That I am capable of achieving all that I dare to dream of. Yes, I got lucky there. So even if universe is kicking my ass right now. Destroying everything I try to build and rebuild. I am keeping those precious people closer than ever. They all know who they are. They always read the posts, another obligation. Those I will always dare to protect even from myself.

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