I am not forgotten, like last week’s news. I live inside you somewhere hidden from the world. Away from the prying eyes. Tucked behind the façade of wisdom and resilience. I know I can stir up a lot inside of you with just those three words. I still hold that power. Change happened because it was inevitable. And not because I was inadequate. Too small to fit the world you call your own. I was bigger then and I am bigger even now. And that is why as much as you try, I will never be gone. I am the bright light that wakes you up every morning. Reminding you how incredible your life is. I am the hope that lingers inside of you. That inevitable has nothing on us, we made our choice long ago. And we live by that choice every day. I am the soft breeze that brushes over your face forcing you to stay in touch. If it is in our hearts, destiny has got nothing on us. I am not forgotten, like last week’s news. I live on. And so do you!

I am more than you see. My roots run deep holding onto the past. I am strong because I have survived. No, I have thrived. Traumas do not define me. My determination to get up and start all over again tells the real story. The ones that get overlooked under the guise of responsibilities. Because on many days, just waking up has been the biggest achievement. I am more than you see.

I am the love. The one that is taken for granted. What I deserve compared to what I get is an insult. I am the loving eyes that watch over your every step because protecting you is what I know best. I am the arms that are right around you, waiting for a sign to hug you tight. And never let go. I am the soft light guiding your way back home before it gets dark. I am that kind of love.

I am so much that words are never enough. No one appreciates the roles I play, effortlessly, happily, and lovingly. I am so much. So, stay awhile. Spend some time with me. For I am that friend you will always need.

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