“Writer’s Block”

A clogged brain in need of snaking

Stiffened fingers typing and re-typing

Delete, tap….type some more

It does not make any sense

Eyes wander searching for inspiration

Staring at the pile of dirty laundry

Writing is just a hobby, clean up a little first.

Give a rest to the polite 3 regular readers

Stinky dishes lurk in the sink

Awaiting their shower.

Warm laundry loiters around the room

Relishing its day in the outdoors.

Eyes blink faster then slower

Reminding me that tiredness will soon take over

Leaving me blocked and incomplete

Holding a pen, making points

Something will click

An old picture,

An ignored quote,

A forgotten old story,

A musical revival.

But nothing works

So I given in and close my burning eyes.

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