Happy Reading # 6

EUPHORIA by Lily King

“Despite everything, I believed somehow there was time. Love’s first mistake. Perhaps love’s only mistake.”

I picked this one because I loved Lily King’s book titled, ‘Writers & Lovers (check out the post Happy Reading). When I was reading about writers & lovers, I repeatedly came across amazing reviews for ‘Euphoria’, so in a way, I was quite excited to read this one. And I had high hopes. And I am happy to write that all my expectations have been met immensely.

The book is set in the early 1930s about 3 anthropologists. Lily King has an almost poetic way of storytelling. From the beginning, I was transported to the tribes in New Guinea into the lives of these amazingly enthusiastic anthropologists. The three main characters are etched to the point that it is hard to let them go at the end. Like the last time, I just wish the book had never ended.

I especially love books when a writer has worked on doing in-depth research on the world they are writing about. I have to say after reading about the way anthropologists live and work, I hold high respect for their profession. The main story is about the love triangle, for sure. But there is so much more to the story. The characters are wonderfully developed throughout the story. Their work and character are intertwined and written so well. Somehow, Lily King is making me regret not becoming an anthropologist in this lifetime.

The story and research on the tribes move together. With each chapter, you learn about the different work ethics and passions of each anthropologist. The loneliness of their profession and personal life. That yearning we all live with hidden deep inside until that someone shakes everything out of you and turns you inside out. There were moments when I wanted to read to learn more about the tribes they were researching. Clearly, I enjoyed the storytelling a lot.

“He is wine & bread and deep in my stomach.”

This one will stay with me forever. Lucky are those who fall in love and to be loved back is a different kind of achievement. The story might break your heart but it leaves you feeling wanting to seize the moment and hold onto the love of your life. Whatever the repercussions.

A definite 5 star for me. I loved everything about the book. So read it while you travel or just over a weekend on the couch sipping coffee. It is a perfect read for historical fiction lovers.

I would end the post with a recommendation, ‘The Alice Network’. Another brilliantly researched and wonderfully written historical fiction I read recently that assured me I was not even remotely good enough to be a spy of any kind.

Happy reading!

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