“A special Date”

The light from the window filled up the empty room. My eyes shut abruptly at the sudden flash of light. Searching around in the cramped room was like looking for parts of Mr. Potato Head’s pieces. I knew how tough it was, just ask my daughters. I have searched for those supremely annoying parts almost every day for the past 1 year.

Coming back to the special room. It was filled with smells of all kinds along with other belongings. And one of the overpowering ones was making my eyes water. I decided to open the window to let the smells have their day in the outdoors. Maybe kill a few mosquitoes for the sake of my very bitten legs. And it worked. Well, the first part did. I could open my eyes again and admire the forgotten collections of our family’s treasures.

Now, I don’t follow any particular rules when it comes to cleaning. I follow my very romantic heart and of course with the background score of very adult words. And therefore, it is a solitary task for me. I am left alone for an hour sometimes even 2. Dirt and I have a love-hate relationship. She loves hugging me all over and I sweep her ass out. We spend this precious time together with her gently clinging to my eye sockets. My very round nose becomes her permanent hiding spot until the shower of course. But not to forget that there is love too.

She reminds me of the time I rolled down the hill when I was 10 bringing her over for mom to meet. She has been that friend who never leaves you however mean you are to them. They always show up with more friends to join party. She is my thinking buddy too. We talk about ‘love’ still lingering somewhere. Friendships that have turned into small talk. Where long conversations have been replaced by a singular greet, “hope you are doing well.” She knows a lot about me. But anytime I feel threatened by her candor I sweep her out. Into the wild where no one knows me, for she cannot keep a secret. She can lurk out of any cushion, shelf, or top cabinet to embarrass me in front of guests. And so as you must have guessed our most played game is Hide & Seek. Definitely, not a favorite one.

Yet I spend every Sunday, planning our next meet. The day I will not be bothered by any other special friend or any of the other rooms waiting for my company. I love planning our meets. Deciding my outfit and hair for the date. Bun or a braid, shorts, and tee or joggers or tee. What kind of music we will be listening to. There is a lot to plan before I get to meet her.

And so I step into the brightly lit room with my other close friends; a bottle of water, broom, and cleaning wipes to greet the long lost special one. Making me believe that some friendships do last a lifetime. 

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