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  • “I Wonder”

    I wonder if they wonder Every time I leave the room, I wonder if I am bid goodbye with ‘Smirks’. Each time I enter a conversation, I wonder if I am welcomed with a ‘Sigh’. And what happens when I talk too much I wonder if there is ‘restlessness’ in the room A hurry to […]

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  • “Lavender”

    The sound of the wind on a full moon night has a totally different effect than any horror flick ever. I was reading sitting at my desk sipping warm chamomile tea. The room was flooded with the scent of lavender. I won’t deny, that I did wonder, how one small candle could have such a […]

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  • “Anxiety-Amnesia”

    ‘Sun has a sinking feeling every evening, yet it wakes up every morning’. I have lived by this proverb for almost the whole of my adult life. I am what everyone calls, ‘a survivor’. But to be honest, I am a fake. Yes, I am a grown ass woman, who pretends to be under control, […]

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  • “The Little Voice”

    I was scrubbing the toilets so hard that I could for the first time feel my fingertips getting numb. It is weird, right? Numb fingertips. My hands had become so dry over the months that no amount of hand creams could soften them. That magical cream did not exist. Cleaning had become an integral part […]

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  • “Numb”

    I don’t remember many pre-divorce vacations, because I was only 10 when my parents separated. The transition was as smooth as it could possibly be. I was transported to the best boarding school in the country. Unlike other regular parents, mine chose that was located the farthest from home. So this way they did not […]

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  • “Alone”

    I close my eyes and I am time-tunneled to another world where I see myself riding my bike on a cold yet warm early morning on the roads that belong to my childhood. Riding through the same old potholes, feeling secure in their existence. It is a morning after one of the coldest nights, as […]

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  • “Shadows”

    You ask, “Why the fuss?” Well, I can tell you why? But honestly, do you have the patience to hear me? You ask HOW a black and white picture will change anything in this world? I have some insight on that, if you are interested? I have lived in the world that was made FOR […]

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  • “Last Rites”

    “Please! Stop it! All of you.” Laila screamed and the room went eerily quiet. Granny looked calm wrapped in a too white eye-hurting bedsheet with small cotton pieces placed in the nose. Like it had to be done so everyone knows she isn’t breathing anymore. Her anger had yet again taken over her senses. It […]

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  • “Little Ones”

    “Where did the time go? I am unable to remember the last time we all sat down together just to talk? And do nothing else. Can you think of the last time we were together like this?” Meera spoke excitedly. The three of them squeezed on the same old bed with Veer’s legs hanging by […]

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  • “Theme”

    There is a theme to my life, I can’t decide what it is, but I am sure there is one. There always is if you really try to look deeply, I think. But under this umbrella theme I hide many genres So instead of incidences, I call them genres that I have experienced. Till now, […]

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