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  • “Tiny Scribbles”

    When you hit the writer’s block and cannot think beyond what is in front of you. Below are some tiny scribbles on what was in front of me – A window. Happy Reading! The sudden sunrise is what woke her up. The deep night’s sleep was shaken out of her swollen eyes. Tiredly she moved […]

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  • “I am”

    Lost, Tired, Crumbled, Alone Looking for validation everywhere Today I decide to look at myself, through my eyes, For there are enough who misread my words. Who see my courage to stand up for myself as disrespectful. There are enough who judge my numbness as rude. Or my resilient silence as weakness My hard earned […]

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  • “Roommate”

    The door creaked just enough to wake me up. Priya was late again. The clouds were finally calm after the heavy rain all day. Half asleep and burdened with the habit of double-checking everything, I dragged myself out to check if Priya locked the main door. Walking back past Priya’s room, I noticed the packed […]

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  • “Confessions of a sister”

    The following poem is inspired from a book I recently read titled, “White Ghost Girls” by Alice Greenway. I am not someone who reviews books. I simply fall in love with every book I read. For each one is a piece of diligence and passion. The following poem is a small dedication to the book. […]

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  • “Why I write?”

    I used to spend hours shamelessly sitting in my cousin’s room while she went about her chores. Listening to music, trying her jewelry and clothes. Exactly, all the fun things an 8 years old quiet girl would love. Her vibrant and honest personality always amazed me. And of course she loved me too, a lot. […]

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  • “Grateful”

    your morning rumbles fights over who woke up first disappointed that mom is always the winner exciting chaos of a new day awaits and you run off to find an adventure the sunkissed lazy afternoons blanketed in stories and pretend play me holding you in my arms fighting old demons inside the cozy evenings pass […]

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  • “Childhood Home”

    There are moments when I wish I could run back to my childhood home, Run back to the crowded streets where I learnt to ride a bike, Walk the same uneven roads where I first fell in love, Pray in that one temple that always calmed me down, The lonely terrace where I had endless rain dances, The cozy room where […]

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  • “Beach Day”

    Today is different We pack only toys and giggles in our bag Giving worries some alone time. As we set out, to embrace the warmth of the evening skies Tired eyes eager to witness a glorious view Today feels different Feet buried in the warm cozy sand The wounds washed clean by the soothing waves […]

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  • “Death”

    It will end the agony For you left too early too alone Trusting yourself that I will thrive I live because that is the rule After all I am your daughter You never taught me to ‘quit’ One thing I learnt for sure, other than existing in a world where you don’t anymore, That the […]

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  • “F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever”

    The lights indoor flickered while the lightning outside proudly performed her one-woman show for the city dwellers. Music was playing in the background at a volume that is perfect for a conversation. The apartment felt bright and happy with small trinkets and pillows, which was Meher’s idea of decor. While Diya added the necessities like […]

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