“Happy Reading # 12”

“OTHER BIRDS by Sarah Addison Allen”

Other Birds transports you to this calm and serene life of community living surrounded by trees. Trees that are especially maintained with special care for the beautiful turquoise birds. It is a story about love weaved with imagination. Most of our life, we are learning to accept and hoping that one day it will all make sense. And this story is about that journey. Each one of us has our own, so will move at its individual pace, not fast neither slow. Everything will reveal itself when the time is right.

Zoey has landed on Mallow island with her belongings in search of something she herself does not know yet. The Dellawisps welcome Zoey and her pigeon with open wings and untold stories. Along with her many stories are waiting to be told and heard. Mostly to be acknowledged of their mere existence.

The book touches sensitive topics of losing loved ones, abuse and neglect. Something that shapes our future. But it is not just what happens but also how someone made us feel shapes our future self. We all go through those moments, but the simple act of kindness can make all the difference to any situation. One act of kindness can have a ripple effect. We always remember how someone made us feel. What emotion we experienced at the hands of that one kind soul. And believe it or not, kindness reaps kindness. A loving message I am taking from this lovely book. It is simple, a bit too many storylines to follow, but nothing too confusing. Characters stay true to their journey as the real story unveils itself.

Food plays an important role in the story. The most simple way of showing kindness to a hurt soul is by feeding them food. All I suggest, is food with a side of coffee. That is pure kindness.

It is a 3.5 stars for me. A book about love, imagination, letting go, acceptance and forgiveness. It was a gentle read but an emotional one. I ended up texting a few people even after this one, reminding them of how much I love and miss them.

Happy Reading!

Fluttering on the branches

You once climbed as a child.

I can see you are trying.

To breathe, to live, to accept.

Hoping one day you will let go.

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