“Happy Reading #11”

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T J Klune

Firstly, I just realized that I am writing a book review after almost a year. So my apologies if it isn’t written well. I try to practice writing reviews but I can never give any book a dull review. Almost all of them are worth sharing or even re-reading. Anyway, back to the book review.

This one was recommended by a very dear friend. In fact, it is her copy I read but have made a mental note to add it to my collection.

Secondly, my reviews never really give out any spoilers. So feel free to read the review before you pick your copy. Yes, I think it is brilliant.

Rains, trees, hills, sea, plants, emotions, relationships, gentle mystery, and love. There is everything in the book to keep a reader interested till the last page. Linus Baker’s mundane and monotonous life is halted when he is sent for an assignment to an orphanage to check on its general upkeep. He is exactly like his job, reliable and follower of rules and regulations. In fact, he never misses a moment when he does not quote the brilliant book of rules and regulations. It almost made me want to scream.

So the story truly begins when he lands on this island about which he is required to report back to his seniors. He experiences emotions he never even knew existed. He realizes the significance of voicing your opinions. It is only his character that sees a growth, other characters I would say are explored in the most beautiful way. For when I expected one of the characters to throw a shovel on someone’s head, she just simply smiled. Ok, I am not giving away anything about the characters. Though I would like to state for the record, my favorite is Talia. I wish I had her confidence and ability to threaten.

The book is atmospheric that transports you to this magical island. There were moments when I could just visualize the beautiful tall trees and the sea. ‘Don’t you wish you were here.’ I do wish. The love and appreciation of nature is brilliantly weaved into the story. And it only takes the story forward. Not a moment it seems to derailing from the plot.

What I truly loved about the book was how author used the magic and fantasy to describe something very real. The pain of a child losing its loved ones and therefore having to live in an orphanage. How children are treated at the hands of the adults in charge’s moods. I believe the author wants to communicate via fantasy the very real issues we as a society generally ignore. How we still give importance to nature and not nurture. Yes, these are all children with magical powers because it is a fantasy. But in fact, the story of ever child is the same. They all seek acceptance and love through their actions and not by what they look like.

And then the book even has my favorite, a poem. One that will forever be my favorite one.

So now, as a reader I would give the book 5 stars, because it was simply brilliant. I am definitely going to be reading it again.

The last decade for me has been tough, but I am learning to accept it as a part of my journey. You know, to accept the process of wanting to become the best version of yourself. But I never realized all my questions will be answered in fictional books. This one is added to that collection. The collection I hold dear to my heart, because it makes me want to be better, kinder and a damn good listener.

Hope someone is inspired to read this one. It is filled with love, laughs, nature, and learning to step out of the box every now and then.

Happy Reading!

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