“my voice”

I just finished watching the docuseries titled ‘Harry and Meghan.’ And so, for today’s 15 min writing practice, I decided to write about the same. Firstly, the series is quite well-made. It isn’t something that is overdone at all. In fact, I wish they had spoken more in-depth about Harry’s life growing up in ‘the institution’. I wish there were more history to the storytelling. But then again, it was mainly about why the two senior royals decided to end their relationship with ‘the institution’.

As I watched it, I realized how often I have heard from the older generation or even a few older cousins (not old at all) that this is how life is or that we all have been through this.

 ‘It is what it is.’

‘Just count your blessings.’

‘At least you don’t have to worry about blah, blah.’

Oh, and my favorite one, ‘this is how it always has been, so stop cribbing about it’.

Moreover, many times I have been made to feel small or superficial for having a different stand to the so-called traditions.

Well, none of this has gone down well with me. And that is not going to change anytime soon.

In fact, after watching the docuseries, I am even more confident in my stand. That I am not crazy to call out the subtle but very much existent toxic masculinity, sexual bias, and patriarchal traditions. Why is a woman expected to justify her long working hours, but a man is applauded for working late at night and sleeping all day? I cannot even tolerate small (according to society and not me) prejudices like all females are bad at driving or that men should always protect their women.  Who is asking for their protection unless they are hired security? Or women are too emotional and don’t understand jokes, or all female comedians only joke about sex and vagina. Or something from my own experience, like if I talk about ones I have lost, I am too emotional, bringing the whole atmosphere down, but a man is funny if he cracks a joke in the middle of a prayer/ pooja. Ok, I get that the docuseries dealt with a more solemn life and death topic, and none of the things I am writing about are that big. But all I am trying to say is anything that threatens your mental peace or physical health should be unacceptable. And you should take a stand against it. Traditions or rules, nothing is more significant than basic humanity. Well, at least my daughters are not being raised with that mindset. And I am hopeful the next generation will bring even more and more considerable changes to our society.

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