I have habit of daydreaming while doing chores, especially the never ending ones. Sometimes it feels like I am running on a loop with no sign of improvement. So today I chose to swap daydreaming to writing. I left the sink full of dishes to write this one, which of course I came back to in the evening after work.

My yawns have failed to the might you hold

My wrinkled fingers are numb to your hot and cold moods

My back has been compromised by your stubbornness

I can still smell the stench you leave behind

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful you exist

But sometimes I just wish there was another one of me

To stand up to your might.

You spring up with many traces

Clinging to the footsteps I love

Sneezes are not enough to announce your arrival

One of us must fall under your spell each time

My power is tenacious but so are you

Entering my house when I swept your ass out.

I bring you into my home each week

Sometimes earlier as need be

But you rot at will

Smelling ripe and then ill

I have tried the logical way

But each time I pass by you

Your beauty makes you land in my fridge.

My fingers refuse to kneel before you

So, I spray you with anger

Making you kneel to the mighty washer

The one that yells your defeat

And screams my next task.

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