So I am currently reading a book titled “Why has nobody told me this before? by Dr. Julie Smith. And today’s chapter was about grief. So, I ended up writing this short poem inspired from that one chapter while opening shipment boxes at work. It was a feeling of empowerment I felt while listening to the audiobook. How shortsighted I was about my own grief and growth? And how empathic I am to anyone else’s grief? I also learnt that there is no sequence to the stages of grief. Yes, they all exist, but literally anything can trigger any stage anytime. And that is normal. It does not mean I am weak. It only means my grief is real.

It is a great book and I plan to gift it to a few loved ones. Not at all preachy but insightful and relatable. Happy reading!

Sipping coffee under the veil of raindrops

I smell abandonment muddled with past

So, I smile at the tiny feet jumping in puddles

Yearning for who I once was.

Journeys are long

Choose a companion smartly, I was taught

So I chose myself

In the hope that grief will get tired of me one day.

Yesterday I was lonely

Swimming against the current in search of a hand

Today I am calm

Still swimming against the tide

Enjoying my own company.

Your absence broke all that I was

So I built a new me

This one still loves passionately

But guards the new me more fiercely.

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