“The Moment”

Part I

The moment

Overwhelming stillness

Deep breaths

Heart beating louder & faster

Sweat dripping down the trembling legs

Voice lost inside

Swallowed by the butterflies

At that moment when we meet

Hope you know

That I love you!

Part II

That moment

Sliced open just enough

Numb to every pain or sensation

Warm tears dripping into my ears

Searching for your cries

Heart beating fast yet staying calm

Because for once in my life I want to live

Live to watch you grow

Grow into the lioness I birthed that morning!

Part III

That moment

No pain No gain, a proverb lost in translation

No more hollowness eating me up

Or loneliness overpowering my existence

I stand tall and enlightened

With wisdom and strength

Just me for myself

In that moment

I hope it all makes sense!

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