“Steak, Well Done”

‘How long has it been? I cannot feel my fingers. My eyes open to the misty room. There is light, I am certain, yet I cannot see anything clearly. The room is too dark for me to find where I am. Wait, where are my glasses? And my hands? Aaaahhh! My hands are stuck somewhere. My heart beats a little slower but louder and I realize I am tied to a chair. What the hell! Where am I? How did I get here?’

The sound of the door opening stalls his confusion. He looks for his glasses again, innocently hoping he will find them lying next to him. But something happens, a set of blurry footsteps walk up to him and kiss his forehead.

“You are fine, my darling! Just stay still. Let me feed you. What? Are you looking for something?”

“Oh, your glasses! Yeah, those broke, I will get your new ones tomorrow.”

The blurry person smells like fresh laundry and peach tea. She kisses his head this time, gently almost making him feel loved, and says, “I love you so much. No more leaving me. I am not letting you go ever again.”

His heart now decides to beat faster wetting the legs crossed on the chair, he tries to talk. Making himself heard. Seek help from the blurry person or anyone who can hear his pleas. ‘No, this can’t be.’ He speaks but there is still no sound. ‘Where is my voice? Why cannot I hear myself?’

Just the sound of a chair being dragged towards him for the blurry person to sit and feed him. No, he will not give in. She will not be able to feed him.

“Open up sweetheart, it is your favorite. Skirt Steak with a side of grilled vegetables. And of course, red wine.”

His body trembles in sync with the fear. The blurry person gets closer to his face and repeats herself, “open your mouth, now.”

And without a sound, he chews on the red meat well done for tonight’s dinner.

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