“My Minions”

After 10 years of performing the duties of a stay-at-home mom, I finally went back to work this year. And over a month ago it became a full-time job, which was a complete surprise ( a happy one). I love the work. It works in favor of my personality and the relentless anxiety I live with. So it definitely feels like a good match. Yet after weeks of working both at home and workplace, I realized how much I missed spending time with my tiny minions. It was a strange feeling to have that realization because like myself even they were having a good time away from me. In fact, they seem to be doing better at managing their schedules and chores. However, I decided to at least not work during the weekends and spend some quality time with these two. The only two humans who are allowed to call me more comfortable than a couch. Oh today I was huge and protective like an umbrella according to the older one. So below are a few lines dedicated to the ones who make breathing possible and worth it.

Kicking and Rolling

Stretching your way into the world

Hiccups and headbutts

You announced your arrival loud and clear

And I knew I had birthed a lioness.

You brought me back to life

I have always said.

Yet it was the youngest lioness

Who introduced me to my fearless side.

My tiny Minions,

You come as a package deal

Of hope and strength!

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