Studies show reading every day improves focus, memory, and communication skills. People who read regularly tend to empathize easily, understanding sensitive situations better. I don’t want to make it sound like people who don’t read are not good enough. It is just that readers have a comparatively stronger, sharper brain. Recently, people have started using ‘reading’ as a kind of therapy as well. And I am one of them. I find all sorts of answers to recurring questions in the varied books on my bookshelf. Today’s post is a desperate attempt by me, trying to convince the world to read more or just start reading.

Without going into too many details, I can say, my life has been like for many of us, unfair, brutal, abrupt, and confusing. And when I started to lose loved ones not just because of deaths but also thanks to life’s changing routes; I turned to books. I read almost any kind of book. Well, at least I give it a try. It is the only aspect of my life where I am daring. I am someone who always picks grey or black color when it comes to clothes but the most audacious books to read.

Why? Because they help. They help me stay focused on real life. Reading for me is like meditating. The characters, stories, words make me feel real and not insane. Every book I own has pieces of me written in the margins. I have moments stuck in colorful post-its marking the resemblance to my existence. Every story, every wound has something I relate to or learn from. I don’t think reading is supposed to make all of us feel the same way. I find sanity while another reader might find entertainment. Either way, our brains are getting stronger, so why not. 2 pages or 5, 1 chapter or 2; you decide. Along with the journey you are taking. Traveling to the past or staying in the present; a sci-fi world or real statistics; poems or short stories; romance or survival; stories are many. All in search of a worthy reader to give them their due credit.   

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