“Random appreciation”

In keeping up with the theme of this blog I have a random appreciation post for the TV series titled, “Succession”.

It was my little brother’s idea. He suggested ‘succession’ to me and so I decided to give it shot. It is only 3 seasons in so wasn’t a big commitment.

Like any kind of commitment this one too started with no research or planning just blind trust. A trust in my little brother’s choice of TV series/ movies. He suggested Gerald’s Game and I am thinking of ending things. Both of which were brilliant. And of course, how can I forget, ‘the haunting of the hill house’. I have watched that show 3 times already. Mike Flannigan is just brilliant. Anyway, today I am talking about succession, and more specifically about Kendall Roy.

From the very first episode, Kendall Roy made an impact. The character is portrayed as determined, driven, and intelligent. But as the episode moved I realized even though he is one of the main characters, he has so many flaws that as a viewer you cannot ignore. I could feel his vulnerability so clearly anytime he was in the same room as his father. Each time he tried to prove his self-worth something went wrong.

I am a firm believer in the proverb, “when the time is right, it will happen. Not before or after. Right on time.” And that is exactly how you see Kenny (as I like to call him) go through hard work leading to a complete failure. Anytime, he acts on his personal research or strength it all falls flat leaving him even more vulnerable. Without giving away the spoilers, I would say, that guy is resilient. At least he gets back up until he doesn’t.

In season 2 you see Kenny as someone who has lost his self-worth. A guy who has taken failure as a character default and therefore decided to go with the flow. You feel bad for him but are also hoping he gets back on the horse and tries something out of character to get back in the game. Kenny is struggling you can see it but you also see a relaxed side of him. Someone who has accepted the situation as is and decided to live with it; or make the best of it, however possible. Does as he is told, basically become complacent.

Then comes Season 3 and Kenny turns into Mr. Kendall Roy. Now I am still on episode 4 so all I can say is I am rooting for Kendall. Because he is one of the characters I can so relate to.

And I would like to quote Monica Gellar, “It just got interesting..” after every episode because that is how mind-blowingly awesome the show is.

Happy Watching!

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